Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Blue Room: Part I

 I ignored the shouting behind me. I ignored the blood that came out of my nose, my ears, and my mouth as I ran through the blue light. I felt like I lost all control of my body but the arm holding the small golden, jeweled dagger stay up, ready when I reached Eos. But suddenly, the blood was gone. The shouted was silenced. I regained control.
“You’re not in the forest anymore,” a soft female voice whispered to me. I looked around. The voice was right. I wasn’t in the forest anymore. The forest had changed to a blue, glowing room. As if the magic had engulfed me and turned the forest to nothing but magic. Then I saw the owner of the voice. It was Selene, who had gone with us on our quest.
 “Yes Plutus, it is me. When Eos cast that spell on me this is where I went,” Selene explained. I guessed I had gone there because of the spell he’d casted on me. I studied Selene's shark-like eyes, solid black yet somehow soft, somehow comforting. She was a vampire, brought along because we'd been told vampires were immune to Eos' magic. We'd been proved wrong early in our quest.
"What should we do?" I asked Selene. Suddenly her eyes became cold as I would've expected a vampires eyes to be.
"Well. I don't know about you but I'm hungry." She suddenly lunged towards me, fangs shining in the blue light. I barely dodged out of the way. She brought her head back up to face me again, hissing with the movement.
"Selene wait-" but she lunged at me again and this time got a hold of me. As I writhed against Selene I began to accept my fate as Selene's meal. But suddenly I remembered the golden dagger held with a piece of cloth to my waist. I reached for it and stabbed Selene quickly, not even thinking long enough about where to stab her. When the dagger lunged into her neck she began stumbling backwards, gagging and coughing up blood all over me. I pushed her away and she stumbled backwards on the blue floor. I tried to wipe the blood off of me but it just smeared on my body and hands. I finally thought to look back at Selene who's eyes had turned back to normal. Through the blood and new tears she had begun laughing. I slowly walked up to her and stood over her, holding the bloody dagger to my side. Her laughing pierced through me and I realized that she was Selene again, not the blood-thirsty thing that had just lunged at me.
"Thank you Plutus. Thank you. You have no idea what this room was doing to me." Once she spoke I kneeled down and held her head.
"No," I whispered, then screamed. "No! I didn't want to kill you! You were my friend-"
"It's okay Plutus. You've done me a favor. Now do one for yourself and find your way out. You still need to defeat Eos." Her eyelids drooped as if weights were attached to them, suddenly and witht their fall a different voice emerged from the blue.
"Plutus. I didn't think you'd be the last one left. I figured you'd surely snap before Selene. But, here we are," Eos' voice snarled behind me. Without dropping Selene's head I gripped my dagger tighter.
"You did this. This is your fault," I spit back, without even looking at Eos.
"Then come and get your revenge Plutus." After some thought I decided I would get my revenge and turned to face Eos. I would get my revenge.

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