Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Blue Room: Part II

The sun made it look as if the flames coming off of my city were going up into the clouds. Even though this was not the case the flames certainly did leap high. I just watched as my city collapsed. There was nothing I could do for it now. I would instead go and find the person who burned it, Eos. But I knew I wouldn't be able to take him on my own, I'd need help. As if reading my mind a voice suddenly spoke.
"You want revenge don't you Plutus?" an old looking man asked me, not tearing his eyes away from the fire.
"You don't?" I muttered, turning back towards the fire.
"I do. You're right. What kind of survivor would I be if I didn't want revenge? But that doesn't mean I need to plan on actually one day getting it."
"And why not?"
"Because we never will," the wise man finally turned towards me. "None the less I'm going to help you. Because my want for revenge has gotten the better of me," the old man sighed and then held his hand out to me. I struggled to take my eyes away from the final view of my city I'd get. When I finally managed to look at the old man I shook his hand.
"We'll need more people," I explained.
"Then we'll get more," he said.

So, me and the old man gathered a group of people. Carnage, a goblin who's family had been killed by Eos before he even knew them. Carnage himself had been left living just so he could suffer through life without knowing his parents. We'd chosen him because he'd become bitter and was small and sneaky, could steal and hide. Lelantos, a huge brute of a man who was claimed to have been one of the few people ever to fight Eos and live to tell the tale. He was a valuable warrior and smart when it came to hunting, which would come in handy while tracking Eos down. The last person we needed was a vampire. Luckily I already knew one by the name Selene. I'd met her when a group of vampires began attacking my city before it was burned. As I crept through the night, killing every vampire I had contact with, I bumped into Selene.
"Run," I found myself saying against my better judgment. The young vampire girl looked at me, brushing black hair out of her face revealing deep black eyes.
"Why?" she asked through a mouthful of blood.
"Because you're young. You don't need to die this way." She smiled at me.
"First time with vampires, huh? I'm older than you. But I accept. I'll run. You wouldn't kill little ol' me," and with this she darted away. I watched as she ran. She may not have been young but I wouldn't be the one to kill her, I promised myself that. She was one of the good ones.

We arrived at an inn where rumor had been spread that she'd been staying. Me, Carnage, Lelantos and the old man stood outside the inn.
"If you guys don't mind, I'll go in on my own."
"It's fine, we'll wait," the old man mumbled. I entered the inn and was hit with a strong smell of alcohol. I cringed. Someone bumped into me.
"You got business here?" a buff voice asked. I couldn't take it. I drew my sword and stabbed the owner of the gruff voice.
"I do," I answered his question as he fell to the floor, getting blood on my clothes and shoes. Suddenly, someone was at my side. A soft voice whispered into my ear. I recognized it immediately.
"I know," it said, "that I owe you. We can go to my room here."

The room smelt no better, but I had begun to get used to it.
"So," she said, "you've finally come back for me."
"You're finally gonna kill me, right?" she asked. She looked the same as when I first met her. Her black eyes didn't look angry though, she seemed content with the idea of me killing her. Like she'd expected it.
"I'm not going to kill you. Selene, why would I want to kill you?" I was so confused and shocked.
"That's what most of them want Plutus. That's what vampires are for. So, if you're not gonna kill me what're you here for?"
"I've got a different use for vampires Selene. It's said that they're immune to magic, we want you to help us fight Eos."
"Us?" she asked. I was surprised this was her concern rather than the fact I was asking her ot help me kill one of the most feared wizards of all time.
"I've gathered a group of people who want revenge on Eos too. A group selected specifically for their individual talents that together, we'd defeat Eos. All we need is a vampire Selene," she cut me off.
"I'll do it. Anything to get out of this inn. But we've gotta leave now Plutus."
"Of course we can."
And then the band of misfits was off to fight the most powerful wizard ever. Just like that my dream of revenge was one step closer to coming true. And oh though in my mind everything didn't play out nice I was nowhere near prepared for what was ahead.

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