Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Therianthropy II

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Suddenly, banging. My eyes opened as if I was never asleep. My heart dropped into my chest, my breath was gone. Another bang. I could hear more teachers waking up. Another bang, this time followed by growling. A teacher behind me sat straight up and gasped so loud that afterwards everything became silent. No one breathed. No one banged. No one growled. I felt a tear drip down my face.
"They're in there. I hear them," a whisper screamed at us from above the trapdoor. The complete silence returned immediately once the whisper was finished. There was a human up there, not a wolf. But suddenly, another growl. Was there a wolf? Suddenly I heard loud sobbing on my right.
"Yup. That's them." At this the trap door slammed and a kid jumped down, followed by two wolves. There was screaming, blood flew from the wolves. All of the teachers began running to one side of the bomb shelter. I ran with them. Laughing and growling and screaming bombarded me. The human kid stood and watched as the wolves tore apart some of the other teachers, laughing maniacally.
Once the wolves finished their current meals they began making their way to the back of the bomb shelter where the rest of the teachers were screaming. The human kid finally didn't see the humor in the wolves killing us teachers one by one and began working his way back up the ladder.
"Adios," he said calmly, shutting the trap door on his way out. The wolves pounced on another kid when suddenly two bright flashes blinded me and a loud boom made a loud ringing block any other sounds. Both wolves fell suddenly (or at least, two brown and gray blobs fell, that I assumed were wolves). I stood for a minute until my vision cleared and the ringing ended. Teachers were still screaming. I pushed through the crowd of teachers to find not two dead wolves, but two dead students. Laying on the dirty concrete floor of the bomb shelter were two students, one of which I recognized as Sarah Evans. A straight A student who had always known the answers, always been good. And now she was lying before me with a bullet hole in her chest, blood pouring from her and being coughed from deep in her throat. Again I cried. Once I found myself turned away from Sarah I realized the other teachers were confused.
"Where'd the gun come from?" someone asked.
"The student dropped it."
"The student had a gun?" with this the murmuring got louder and became full fledged panicked screaming.
"How'd he get a gun?"
"Do they all have guns?"
"Maybe we should just give up-"
But I stepped up and interrupted the panic.
"We were able to take two of them weren't we?" I asked the other teachers as they grew silent, "Who says we can't take more? Maybe there are more of them that are just humans, unarmed. Maybe we have to go on a little hunting trip and take out some wolves. Or maybe this is the war we feared and they all have guns, and some of us will die. But the point is that they can't take us all. Not if we're together. So who says we go up there and fight, rather than hide here like cowards?" I asked. Voices soon began saying "Me", or "I" and together those would be "us". We were all going up there. We planned it out, gave a certain person the one gun we had and began our way up. I was the last to go up. As I planted my hand onto one rung of the ladder I looked back at Sarah, now dead. I remembered the wolves eyes when I first saw them. The eyes of kids, innocent kids who'd never kill a teacher. Who'd never wield a gun. Then again, I never took myself to be much of a leader. I began the climb to the battleground.

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