Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This wasn't the first time he'd been caught cutting class. In fact, most teachers had to keep an eye on him all the time, for a long time he could only use the bathroom during lunch and had to be back within a certain amount of time. So I wasn't surprised when I heard snickering coming from the bathroom.
"I know you're in there," I shouted into the stall, "Get out here!" The snickering stopped for a minute and then I could hear what sounded like an attempt to breath quietly. Suddenly another teacher entered.
"What's going on here?" I just pointed to the bathroom door and the other teacher understood, but he looked surprised.
"I have someone in here too. He asked to go at the beginning of class and hasn't been back yet." When I still didn't get a result I pounded on one of the stall doors. Something pounded back. The other teacher looked at me and rolled his eyes like so many students had. I know for a fact he would've yelled at a student for doing that, but I just ignored it. Just then the door flew open and a brown blur knocked me against the tiled bathroom wall. I squinted my eyes and clenched my teeth, seeing only the brown blur jump at the other teacher next. Once I was able to stand I looked at the other teacher. Blood was everywhere. He was dead, he had to be. I couldn't believe it, what was going on? What had that kid done? I walked over to the stall. There was the other kid that had been cutting class, also bleeding, his shirt off.
"What's going on?" I asked. He only writhed on the ground and groaned, holding his arm where there was what seemed to be a bite mark. Then, screaming cam from another room. I heard growling. I rushed in to see what was going on. Another dead teacher and this time I could see the brown blur clearly. It was a wolf, and there was more than one. Some kids were mid transformation. They were different colors, and their eyes were still the eyes of the simple kids that sat in class and answered questions, or the kids that cut class, the kids that I'd see walking through the hallways laughing and joking with the others. But their faces had long snouts, some covered in blood and some ready to be covered. One pounced at me and I went running down the hall. A wolf jumped from the bathroom, presumably the kid who I'd seen with the bite, now transformed. He knocked me into a locker and for a second my vision went blurry. All that existed were me and blood caked claws that just thrashed and thrashed at me. Then the world came back as that wolf began chasing other teachers through the hallways. Wolves poured from every classroom. Suddenly a voice was calling for me quietly. I turned towards where there was a trap door leading to an unused bomb shelter under the school from when it was first built. It was open the tiniest bit so the voice could travel to me. I crawled and ducked under wolves until I was at the trap door. It raised for a split second as I was yanked down into it, ruling the ladder useless. I looked around at several other teachers and some staff members I didn't even know.
"The wolves can't open this trap door," one teacher explained, "we'll be safe."
"What if they turn back into humans?" another teacher asked through tears.
"Then it's war."

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