Thursday, September 24, 2015

This is a Poem Shaped Like a Circle

                                                                             This is a poem

                                                                 shaped like a circle because, w

                                                           ell, you know, symbolism and all that g

                                                      ood stuff. You see circles can mean lots of di

                                                   fferent things though. Where’s the fun in a poem

                                                 that tells you what it means. Leave it up to the reader

                                               to decide why this poem is shaped like a circle. If I tell

                                             you this circle is a symbol for something meaningful to m

                                            e what do you care? Are you suddenly going to care for tha

                                            t thing as much as me, or are you going to move on with yo

                                            ur life and the only time you’ll ever think of this poem agai

                                             n is when you accidently flip to it while you are looking fo

                                              r your own poem or story. And you’ll say, “Oh there’s th

                                                at poem shaped like a circle for a reason that means a

                                                  bsolutely nothing to me. But if you give this reason

                                                    then you may read it again… and again and agai

                                                        n and again. And do you know why you we

                                                             re flipping to you own poem? Becua

                                                                   se it has meaning to you. Gi

                                                                           ve this meaning too.

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