Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Fantastically Ridiculous Adventure of Sarcasm Sam: Part Two

Part one can be found here.

A large gate was the entrance, one that curved into elaborate laughing faces. I wouldn’t have minded the faces if they had looked human. And while they were human the laughing had twisted them to a point of no return. This is exactly what the sign over the gate read: “The Point of No Return” in curly, colorful letters. From behind the gate came laughing, shouting, excitement. 

“Where are we?” I asked Dan, who was still standing and adjusting his wig from our fall into this place.

“I know you can read Sam. There’s a sign right there,” he pointed up at it.

“Oh, of course, the point of no return. I’ve been here many times; I understand perfectly what’s going on.”

“I see why you’re Sarcasm Sam,” Dan rolled his eyes, walking toward the gate.

“I have yet to see what makes you Delightful though.” As we approached the gate I realized the short man standing next to it. He had a mustache that curled, and short hands that looked like those of a baby. He wore a purple jacket and baggy purple pants.

“Come one, come all,” he said. But the way he had said it made it clear he would rather be leaving than coming. Dan suddenly lit up and hopped toward the man, as clown-like that movement could’ve ever been.

“I’m Delightful Dan, this is the other clown I was telling you about,” he said, gesturing toward me.

“Go on in,” the small man said pointing toward what was inside the gate. I followed Dan into what slowly became a mirror maze. But the reflections on the mirrors were not mine. And these reflections, that didn’t belong to me or Dan, were pounding on the glass, screaming, and loudest of all, laughing uncontrollably. The entire maze shook with the pounding of a thousand different reflections without bodies.

“Wh- what is this?”

“Mirror maze,” Dan answered nonchalantly. He walked through the maze like he knew the way and didn’t pay any attention to the reflections. I tried to stay away from the mirrors that weren’t regular mirrors. Finally, we reached the exit, which led to a small tent. The tent split into four parts. The way we had come from was the mirror maze. Then, there was one way labelled “Rollercoasters”, one labelled “Clowns” and one labelled “Freaks”. In the middle of the tent sat a desk with a large man sitting at it. He was not smiling, but the purple makeup around his lips made him appear to be. He had a purple nose rather than the classic red one.

Too much purple, I thought.

“Dan,” the clown said, standing and then taking Dan’s hand and shaking vigorously. It buzzed loudly with a joy buzzer, but nobody said anything about it.

“Pie-eyes,” Dan responded.

“Pie-eyes?” I asked suddenly. The purple clown turned towards me and I finally noticed that his eye sockets were filled with cream pie filling instead of eyes.

“And you are?”

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