Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Fantastically Ridiculous Adventure of Sarcasm Sam

I laughed at the very idea of Sarcasm Sam and Delightful Dan ever being friends. But offstage, we clowns are people like any other, so, Sarcasm Sam and Delightful Dan were very much so friends. This is why it struck me as odd when Delightful Dan showed up outside the green tent, with his red smile painted on, sporting the red afro, red and blue spotted shoes, fluffy red collar, and the unforgettable shining red nose.

“Dan?” I asked the clown.

“Sam,” he responded, nodding his head and pushing past me into the tent. I noticed him holding a sword in one hand and a water balloon in the other. Clowns were nothing without their props.

“What’s this all about?” I tried to get some information out of him, but instead just got silence as he pulled my own costume out from the back of my tent. It was weird to be talking to Delightful Dan without the Sarcasm Sam costume on. We were a team of clowns, incomplete without the other. Delightful Dan would tell jokes, make all the kids laugh. Then Sarcasm Sam would walk out and sarcastically tell Dan his jokes were good. Kids booed Sam. Then, Dan would throw pies at me, chase me around while I tripped over things, and tons more. People loved the team. People would’ve hated us on our own. Dan threw the costume at me.

“Here. Put this stuff on,” he said as he tossed it. Despite not knowing what was going on I began slipping into the costume. Sarcasm Sam had a fluffy green collar as opposed to Dan’s red, no signature clown nose and green shoes. His face paint involved a green frown instead of Dan’s red smile, and green circles around his eyes. Mean, old Sarcasm Sam. As I slipped into the costume I tried again to get information out of Dan.

“Okay Dan, I’m putting the costume on. Now what’s this all about?”

“The whole families in danger Sam. Lord Tickle Pickles, Huge Henrietta, Silly Samantha, all of them,” Dan explained as I began to apply the face make-up. I cared about all of my fellow clowns, but Silly Samantha was the one that truly worried me. As myself I had spoken about twice with her, but as Sarcasm Sam she was my girlfriend who always stuck up for me when Dan and I fought.

“How are they in danger?” I asked, carefully circling my eyes with the green makeup. As soon as I finished asking Delightful Dan threw down the water balloon and a swirling blue portal of water open in the ground. Laughter poured out of it.

“They’re in there Sam. But after this, there’s no turning back.”

“Let’s go,” I said, reaching out for Dan to throw me the sword. Once I caught it I realized it was rubber. With that, Sarcasm Sam and Delightful Dan hopped into the portal and began their journey to save their family.

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