Friday, March 13, 2015

The Fantastically Ridiculous Adventure of Sarcasm Sam: Part Four

Part three can be found here.

I found that despite my feet’s objection I was carried toward the stage. Silly Samantha was shouting something under the pie tin, but it was muffled and inaudible. Pie-eyes turned to look at me, his smile fading.
 “You aren’t on yet…” he mumbled quietly.
“I know,” I said, suddenly having no idea what I was going to do. I could tell Silly Samantha could recognize my voice because the voice from the pie tin grew louder.
“Then get off the stage,” Pie-eyes said. It was no longer a mumble, but a command and he pointed ominously toward the curtain.
 “No.” With that Pie-eyes shouted something angrily and spun on his heels away from me. Pie filling fell on the stage. He grabbed Silly Samantha’s orange hair and dragged her back to the curtain. I saw Dan step out of the way for him when suddenly a small fist connected with my jaw and I found myself stumbling backwards. It was the purple suited man who greeted us, he may have been tiny but he was strong. I imagined what this would have looked like to the audience, this sad clown being pummeled by this short man, but then remembered there was no audience.
 “I been wanting to do this since you and your friend got here,” the man said as his fist came flying and this time hit my chin. My teeth made a loud clicking sound as they interlocked harshly.
“What do you mean?” I heard Dan step out from the curtain. Dan, the clown who had brought me here to save our friends and who I’d just witnessed step out of the way for a clown-dressed mad man.
 I’m supposed to be Pie-eyes partner in this, not some pitiful clown.” He gestured toward me. I tried to stand while he and Dan argued.
“Why would you be his partner? You aren’t misunderstood like him and Sam.” The purple suited man laughed and threw his hands into the air. His mustache bounced on his face in a way that would have been comical if it hadn’t been in this situation.
“You think I’m not misunderstood? Do you see me? All your friend has to do is take off his makeup and he’s not “misunderstood” anymore! I can’t take off these stubs of legs! I can’t take off these tiny hands! I came to the circus to be the strong man and instead they wanna shoot me outta cannons because I’m “just the right size”, and you think I’m not misunderstood!” The stage grew quiet, even the echoing laughter seemed to cease for this moment. It felt like a play, the way Dan, the man, and I were standing in a triangle on stage. It felt like none of this was real and someone would shout that it was a rap and I could go back to my tent.
“You could help us,” I told the man. He laughed and walked off of the stage leaving Dan and I to stare at each other.

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