Monday, March 16, 2015

The Fantasically Ridiculous Adventure of Sarcasm Sam: Part Five

Part four can be found here.

Smells of popcorn, cotton candy and sweat bombarded me and Dan as we stood on the now empty stage. The laughing had resumed, and I could still here the crunching of the muddy ground as the purple suited man walked away. Despite these smells and sounds everything seemed on pause, yet not on pause as Dan and I looked at each other.
“Why did you step out of his way?” Dan looked down at his oversized shoes like a sad dog. I wondered if this was an act or real disappointment with himself. Did he really care? It was too big of a question to answer based only off of one sad dog face.         
“It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we can’t just stand around when our friends are in trouble,” Dan mumbled, eyes still aimed at his shoes. Even with his eyes aimed at shoes and the mumbling the message came out how he wanted it to, a message that was meant to sting, turn the tables and say that since I was still standing here talking it was my fault that Samantha was being pulled by her hair to wherever it was Pie-eyes was taking her. I knew that was what he wanted, but the message stung anyway.
“Okay then, let’s go.”

We started by going the way Pie-eyes had gone but ended up back at the central tent with the now empty desk in the middle.
“Where could he have gone?” I asked Dan, looking from the mirror maze section to the clown section we’d just entered.
“We can try the rollercoaster area, or the freaks area, those are the only places we haven’t been.”
“Why not split up, I’ll go to the freaks, you go to the rollercoasters,” I suggested.
“Okay… what do we do if we find him?” I stopped and thought about this. Yell for the other? Even then, what would the two of us do?
“We save Samantha,” I decided. This was apparently good enough for Dan because he began walking toward the rollercoasters section. I turned my back to him and looked at the entrance to the freak area, then, I began walking.

This area was similar to the clowns area, with a similarly dirty stage, the muddy grass that covered the entire place, and the crowds of performers moving about the place. These crowds, however, were made up of bearded women, legless people pulling themselves with their hands, abnormally tall people, and all kinds of other people who had been labeled as freaks. Not knowing where to look I shouted as I moved through the crowds attracting glances from the people I felt I should have been glancing at. Finally, after one of the shouts, Pie-eyes stepped out from behind the curtain with Samantha still at his side. He was smiling and the pie filling bounced in his sockets. Samantha’s screaming had gotten louder, more desperate.
“Show time,” he whispered to himself.   

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