Friday, October 17, 2014

Beam Me Up

He sat in front of my cage, with his hat tipped slightly and a cigar sticking out from in between his lips. Two nameless men with guns stood on either side of him.
"Where am I?" The man stood and looked down at me. Once  he stood I learned that he was abnormally tall and had the dark eyes of a shark.
"This is the S.S. Capone. My spaceship. And you're Lucky Leo right?" That's when I realized this man didn't want to talk to Leonard Day, the man who had just been interrupted on a sky diving trip. He wanted Lucky Leo, the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds, whether those deaths be orders or by his own hand.
"I'm Lucky Leo," I answered.
"Good. They call me 'The Gray Man', but you can call me Gray," he held his hand out and I took it and shook. "Your friend, that's 'Mr. Machine'?"
"Mr. Machine?"
"So you don't know yet..." Gray began walking away from the cage.
"Don't know what?"
"That you're a wanted man Leo," Gray turned back toward me.
"Trust me, I know that I'm a wanted man."
"No, not like this. You're a wanted man even up here Leo. Do you remember 'The Red Gang'?"
"Yeah. They were a rival gang from a long time until I finally went in personally and killed the leader, 'Mars'. What about them?"
"They were actual aliens. Like me. A rival gang of mine as well. We though we were done with them when you killed Mars," Gray stopped and blew smoke in my face, "but you just made things worse. A new leader rose, Mr. Machine. A robot built by Mars himself. Mr. Machine is now after you Leo. It's up to you to stop him..."
"And Mr. Machine is my friend back on the plane?"
"Exactly. That's why he pushed you off. The one thing he didn't count on was me saving you."
"So now what? You send me back knowing all of this information? I live the rest of my life in fear of knowing anyone could be an alien or a robot?" I asked Gray, pushing myself against the bars of my cage.
Gray whispered, "Well, it's either that or these two men shoot you. Your choice Leo. I'm a man of business. Don't think I won't go down to Earth myself and kill Machine. But I like you, and you're gonna go back down and kill him because I told you to," by the end of Grays sentence he was also up against the bars, sneering at me.
"Then get to sendin' me back."
"It's not that simple. If I send you back right now you'll continue falling to your death. You misunderstood what I meant by sending you back."
"In time?"
"With this," Gray held out an oddly shaped silver gun.
"Got it."
"This is your only chance. If you fail this time, you die."
"I understand," with this I slicked my hair back like a always did when I was Leo, "Beam me up Scotty."

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