Monday, August 18, 2014

Remember Us

The next morning James found the letter.

"Dear James,
Sorry I wasn't able to get to you sooner. The other night was rough, as you know. But anyway, before I "get to business" I think I'll remind you just how rough that night was. You went out with some friends and (as usual) didn't come back until it was late. I sat here, waiting, knowing your show was on that night but not able to turn it on myself. Of course the show went over and you never came home. Remember when we used to spend time together? Before money and jobs and life became a problem. When Saturday mornings were spent sitting with me, watching cartoons and you'd sometimes spill your cereal and not even worry about it. You wouldn't even worry about it because I didn't mind the cereal James. You didn't worry about it because we used to be friends. But now, now you never come home, you never sit with me anymore James. When you finally came home last night things were different though, you suddenly were happy (tipsy, but happy, none the less). And I think I know why. That was the night you robbed a bank James, you and your friends decided money didn't have to be a problem anymore, you'd rob a bank. Well James, that's where this gets interesting... Do you remember where you hid the money James?"

James set the letter down and held his hand to his head, hoping he could calm the dull ache. What was going on? Was this a dream? He picked the letter back up and continued reading.

"Do you remember James? You hid it under my cushion. I have it now."

James looked around the room. Cushion? Who had written this?

"So James, I think if you want this money we're gonna be happy again James. Not just you, or just your friends James, us. Come sit with me James, come watch some cartoons and..."

James threw the letter down and looked around the room again. H wasn't sure if he should be screaming or laughing. Was he dreaming? Was he insane? He began remembering bits and pieces of the night before and quickly ran over to where he had hidden the money. As he approached his favorite chair he lifted the cushion. Sure enough, the money was there. He reached for it but the cushion suddenly fell hard on his hand. The once soft cushion became teeth sinking into his arm. He screamed.
"Let's watch cartoons again James." 

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