Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just Playing Around

Eleven people entered. Me, my wife and both kids, a blind man with a rather large and terrifying seeing-eye dog, a creepy, lonely man wearing shorts, despite the cold weather, three teenagers (two girls and a boy holding tons of shopping bags), an old man leaned over a walker to the point that his chin touched it and a man with a hat, a Hawaiian shirt and a huge camera dangling from his neck: a stereotypical tourist. We all entered one of the two elevators in the hotel. As we entered I tried to keep my family together, the creepy guy made me nervous.
"What floors?" the tourist asked, readying his hands for the buttons.
"Four!" screamed the teenagers. I looked back at them, jumping up and down, trying to shake the elevator. I rolled my eyes and made sure my own kids weren't laughing or jumping along with them. Once everyone had muttered a number the elevator began moving. 1... 2... almost done with these teenagers... 3... we passed the third when suddenly we were jerked to a stop. One of the teenagers hit their head from jumping and I couldn't help but snicker. Anyway, the other two teens thought it was hilarious. The tourist turned, somehow managing to smile and look worried at the same time.
"We seem to have stopped..." he mumbled, concerned. The blind man fidgeted and groaned. The teenagers continued laughing at their friend. My wife clung to my shoulder and my kids to my pant leg. The walker man straightened himself.
"So're we gonna sit here or are we gonna get some help," the walker man grumbled, "One of you gotta have a cell phone." I had left mine in the room and my wife's was out of battery. The teens weren't even listening and the blind man made no response.
"I've got mine!" the tourist pulled out some smart phone and began dialing some number when the elevator jerked a little causing the phone to fly out of his hand. The screen cracked and the phone shut down. It had broke.
"Great..." the creepy man said, "that's just great." The teens continued jumping, despite the situation and I finally cracked.
"Can you please stop?!" I turned and screamed. My kids jumped at my shouting. The teenage boy turned towards me, then the two girls did.
"Ay man, we're just playin' around," he said and launched his hands above his head. Suddenly the elevator flew up with his hands. The girls started laughing louder. The walker man fell and the blind man stumbled. The tourist had to put his hand out for balance.
"Wait, what was that-" the creep was interrupted when the boy launched his hands downwards and the elevator moved too. Now more of us fell. The doors opened near the top of the elevator when the boy pulled his hands apart. The teens climbed out, giggling, as the rest of us regained our balance. I jumped up and grabbed onto the floor above us when the boy put his hands back together and the door closed on my fingers. I fell to the ground, screaming. Everyone gathered around me.
"What was that?" the creepy guy asked again.
"I have no clue," someone answered. I just writhed worm-like on the ground, cradling my missing fingertips.

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